Behind The Name

I am a Singaporean girl who loves travelling to discover new places and immerse in new cultures and languages. It was during a university exchange stint in Osaka that I found enjoyment in travel research and planning trips.

This was blog was created to share my travel experiences. I have also taken many travel photos over the past few years and wanted to put them to good use, instead of letting them sit in my computer. I hope you, who have stumbled upon this blog, will discover new places to explore and find some information useful to you.

Why weathered sneakers?

Walking is my favourite way of exploring a city. There’s the freedom of controlling my pace and allowing me to wander off into the nooks and crannies that sometimes lead to surprising finds. I usually travel light with only a pair of footwear and that would be my trusty pair of sneakers. It brings me everywhere – from well-paved city streets to bumpy dirt roads in rural areas.

On a metaphorical level, a pair of weathered sneakers is symbolic of the roads that the wearer has traveled to get to the present point. Similarly, our present selves are defined by our past experiences and some places that we travel to change us in unexpected ways.


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