Meiji Shrine: An oasis of calm

Meiji Shrine and the adjacent Yoyogi Park make up a large expanse of greenery in the heart of Tokyo. It is an oasis of calm and quiet for those who want to get away from the hurried pace of life in the bustling metropolis. I visited on a weekday evening, an hour before the closing time, and it was almost empty. It felt like I had left the city behind to step into a different world, albeit for just a few hours.

A stunning bird’s eye view of Meiji Shrine & Yoyogi Park from the observation deck at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
The torii gate at the entrance of Meiji Shrine, marking the entrance to a peaceful oasis.
The gravel path to Meiji Shrine is lined with greenery on both sides 


Sake barrels donated to the shrine for festivals and ceremonies
The spacious shrine grounds are often used to hold wedding ceremonies. If you’re lucky, you may be able to witness one.
 Visitors can write their wishes on small wooden boards like this, which are hung on racks surrounding the sacred tree in the shrine.
The peaceful shrine complex is filled with flora and fauna.
A visit to the shrine provided a good respite from the crowds in Harajuku.
The Meiji Shrine is open from sunrise to sunset

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